Update (July 2000): I've flipped to postfix which supports many of the features that i was adding to smap while giving me a similar level of security and greatly improved performance. As such, I'm not planning on any updates to this code as there are (IMHO) better alternatives out there. I hope that these patches have proven useful to folks over the years.

The TIS toolkit is licensed from TIS They aren't responsible for these enhancements. We, also, don't claim any liability. They are as-is. Additionally, we expect that people will use them in adherence to the TIS license restrictions

Stop Spam!

What we did and why?

My friend Bruce and I were trying to prevent a spammer from reflecting from one of his client's mail systems. We came up with the following extenions to smap:

This is a work in progress, please check this page for bugfixes/enhancements, or send them to me (hagan@cih.com). I'm looking to learn how to beat spam from you folks in netland.

Read the README file!

Still want it?

Older versions, just in case

mindspring's current filter list

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